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My name is Mary Kay Seales. I am a professional B2B and B2C copywriter, photographer, published author, and travel writer. I specialize in researching and writing the web and print materials that will showcase your travel business, services and products. From feature articles to press releases, I will write the words you need to reach your clients and prospects.

I believe in the soul-altering benefits of travel and will bring the enthusiasm and energy to your project that will make it stand out from the competition.

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Reviews of The Beginner’s Guide to the French Riviera

Liza Ketchum:  The Beginner’s Guide is written in a friendly, open style that makes you feel you are talking with a trusted companion. There are subtly lyrical moments of writing in this practical guide, and a bright sense of humor that makes it a joy to read. Gorgeous photography makes you feel you are already on the French Riviera, and clear information and advice makes you feel ready to pack your bags and go. 

Lesley Thomas:  A winning combination of practicality and beauty – the practical side being the numerous, well-researched tips, and the beauty of it the gorgeous photos all throughout. It is well-written and answers every question one could think of as a beginner. If I were to “start packing” (and the author is quite encouraging), I’d throw this little guide in my bag.

Review of The Beginner’s Guide to the Olympic Peninsula 

G. Gilbert:  Once again Mary Kay in her down to earth humorous style of writing leads you on a tour of that mossy and wet “lost in time” area known as the Olympic Peninsula. Whether you just moved here or have lived here all your life, you’ll gain a new appreciation for this magical place. 



“It ain’t whatcha write, it’s the way atcha write it.”
—Jack Kerouac