How Do I Control the Font on my Widgets?

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I knew I had truly made the transformation from teacher to copywriter, with my own business and website, when I woke up this past week asking myself that question. It was more like “How do I control the font on my ***$^#^@* widgets. 

Here are a few other questions that would not have preoccupied me just one year ago:

  • What kind of a lead magnet do I need for my website? (nothing to do with real lead OR magnets)
  • What’s the difference between a white paper and a special report? I still can’t really answer this question. There IS a difference, but don’t ask me to explain it (yet). Note: White papers aren’t actually white, or even necessarily on real paper.

As a linguist and language teacher, I’m fascinated by this new language I’ve been learning. Here’s another one of my favorite new terms: Sales Funnel

I think of a sales funnel like the tornado in the Wizard of Oz. You have lots of interested prospects (potential buyers) at the top of the tornado, like those cows flying past Dorothy’s window while her house is spinning above Kansas.

Then as it spirals down, interested buyers become less interested and drop out, until, at the bottom, only a few get “nailed” (like the Wicked Witch of the West).

There are many more terms in the Land of Copywriting, of course, many more. For example:

Features-vs-Benefits.They’re quite different. Don’t mix them up! And always focus on the benefits.

The 4 U’s of a good headline: Useful, Unique, Ultra-specific, and Urgent. (Do it now!)

And P.S. Don’t forget to add a P.S. (and maybe a P.P.S.) to your sales letters! “But wait! There’s more!”

Also, if you want to speak good Copywriting (like “good English”), it’s an absolute MUST that you know how to link the e-mail autoresponder series on your client’s Mail Chimp account to the landing page so they can build their list. Of course, you need a good lead magnet and a killer headline!

Gosh! I’m fluent in this language! French, Spanish and now CSL – Copywriting as a Second Language!

Seriously though.

This year has been a wonderful journey of transformation for me.

Transforming my skills and years of experience as a university writing & research instructor into my career as a full-time travel writer and copywriter.

It has been very hard work. It has also been a true pleasure. Exciting!

And I thank you, dear readers, for coming along with me!

Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe one of my New Year’s projects will be writing another guide book, to add to my Beginner’s Guide series. I can call it The Beginner’s Guide to Widgets: Controlling Your Inner Font.”

 P.S. Power to the Journey

P.P.S. I took this photo in my neighborhood when I was living in Chennai, India in 2011. Loved the shirt and the whole scene. Perfect, right?



Wishing you all a prosperous and joy-filled New Year! 

Mary Kay


Mary Kay Seales is a copywriter and travel writer from Seattle, Washington. She is the author of two travel guides: The Beginner’s Guide to the French Riviera: Stop Dreaming & Start Planning; and The Beginner’s Guide to the Olympic Peninsula: Exploring the Wild Beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  Both are available on Amazon. Visit her website at


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