Do you need video on your website? YES! And here’s why!

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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in the world of the fast moving internet, video trumps all. Video messages are quite simply faster and easier to digest than text. 

More entertaining. More informative. More, more, more. More for your marketing dollar. 

Recent statistics published by show that videos not only increase “click through” rates by a whopping 200-300%, but also increase the likelihood of a sale: 

“96% of B2B organizations use video in some capacity in their marketing campaigns of which 73% report positive results to their ROI.” also reports that website visitors respond more favorably to websites with video with 90% saying that video is “helpful in the decision process.” And these visitors to our websites are, after all, the ones we want to please and help.

Just think of your own experience in buying online. Would you rather read a page of text or have someone give you a quick 1 – 2 minute overview in a snappy and entertaining ‘moving picture’?  It’s the next best thing to having the prospect or customer right there in the room with you. Instead of just telling them about your product or service on your website, you can SHOW them. 

It seems pretty straightforward, yet some businesses have yet to jump on the video wagon, perhaps because they are not sure it will be worth their time and money, or they simply don’t know how to go about it. And they are correct to question this. A poorly made video probably isn’t worth the time and money.

A good thing to keep in mind, then, is that the message in the video is still what will sell your product or service. A video will only be powerful if the message it conveys is clear, organized and speaks to your audience. Images are great, but the scripting is also key.

Whoever is writing the script and producing the video for you still needs to really understand your message, your brand and who your audience is. In other words, you still need a great copywriter who can help you script the video. And that copywriter should be involved with the project until the end, making sure the video stays true to the message you worked so carefully to craft together.

The videographer isn’t going to be thinking primarily about your message. He or she will be following the script you hand them. You took care in writing your website copy, and in writing your other marketing materials. The video script needs just as much tender loving care. It needs to tell the videographer what the message is. 

So, yes, the answer is definitely yes. You DO need video for your business website, but you also need to do it right.

For more information on the ins and outs of producing a video (or videos) for your website, there is a lot of help on the web. You are also welcome to write me, Mary Kay Seales, at I would be happy to discuss what I know about producing a great video for your website, how to get started, how long it would take, and the costs involved. And if you need a script writer, I’m your girl!

That’s a wrap.



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