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Let me help you with the B2B or B2C Copywriting and Content Marketing that will make your business or service stand out from the competition. Here are a few ways I can help. Contact me at (206) 295-5609 

FREE STUFF. Everyone’s doing it, and there’s a good reason. It works. Giving away free content, such as a checklist, a webinar, an ebook, or guide, is an immediate lead generator. Capture email addresses and build trust and authority at the same time. I would love to help you craft a freebie that fits your market, that’s useful and easy to read, and that brings in new leads everyday of the week!

Blogs. So many blogs out there, but still…this is a great idea for your website, and one you can exploit easily. Unlike newsletters, which take a bit more time and content, blogs are quick and dirtyYou can pop one of these out once a week or more, and build your brand with your own voice. I believe a GREAT blog has one big idea and is written to entertain your reader, attract new readers and potential clients, and to a build a relationship with them, all in one fell swoop. See my recent blog posts on my Linked In profile or this site.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/mary-kay-seales-50a97837

Press Releases & Media Kits. Make sure that all your business events, updates and services are covered in the media. Build buzz for a coming event. Announce a new hire, department or program.  Keep people in your “neck of the woods” informed while also building your brand and keeping your name at the top of their list. I understand the best practices of writing clear and interesting press releases. Sample Press Release

Feature Articles. In any industry, and especially the travel industry, which I specialize in, the best way to reach new clients is through articles, both online and in print. Feature articles with photos can be key to attracting clients. Images and a great design PLUS great content is a triple-play win! 

White Papers & Ebooks. (More FREE STUFF)  A white paper or free ebook on your area of the industry can serve as a powerful lead magnet and be a true service for your clients and prospects as well as the industry in general. Here’s is my recent guest blog post about white papers.  https://www.thatwhitepaperguy.com/white-paper-research/white-papers-and-dinner-parties/

Case Studies & Sell Sheets. Showcasing success stories on your website with case studies about recent clients who have been satisfied (or even delighted) with your services, products, or programs is a fabulous marketing tool. These are testimonies from real people who are happy with you and can honestly sing your praises. Visitors to your website can see how you have helped previous clients, and this speaks louder than any other marketing material can. It’s a way of telling people that whatever you’re selling actually works! 

Sales Letters. Sales letters, even old-fashioned long-form letters, contrary to what you might think, are still powerful tools for selling your service or business. I’ve bought countless services from a good sales letter, and I’ve yet to be disappointed. If you have a product or service or program worth its weight, then a sales letter is still a great marketing tool. There is definitely an art, however, to writing a great sales letter that gets your reader to say yes, yes, yes! I want it!  

Email. The best way to reach your clients is by email. We are checking our email a hundred times  everyday and more at Christmas. Marketing today requires email that is opened, personalized, a quick read and useful. Let me help you craft an email or series of emails that keep your name in front of your prospective clients, or that follow up on leads and sales.

PPC Ads. So tiny, but when written well and tested, can bring new leads to your website, and can be worth the investment. Using key words and honing in on the message is an art! Let me help!


I’m very excited to learn about your business and how I can help you connect with your client base through these and/or other marketing materials! Call me or email me so we can get started.

See my FAQ page for more information about working with me.

Mary Kay Seales  (206) 295-5609



MK at the Taj Mahal, 2011
MK at the Taj Mahal, 2011

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is … the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”
—Mark Twain