Sheer Recklessness: An Underappreciated Trait

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There’s a lot to be said for sheer recklessness. It can lead to the most interesting adventures. Here are just a few of my insanely reckless choices, all of which involved hopping on a plane:

  • Postponing my September wedding plans and heading off to the Democratic Republic of Congo for a two-year stint with the Peace Corps. We did eventually get married.
  • Joining a complete stranger for a hike along the almost completely deserted Gulf of Aqaba coastline (on the Sinai Peninsula) with no idea about how long it would take or how I might get back. Three days of hiking, close to running out of water, not sure when we would run into the next little oasis, then hitch-hiking back to Jerusalem alone. Lordy, lordy! Trusting higher powers.
  • Taking my two-year-old daughter to Haiti to teach at a little school outside Port-au-Prince without any real preparation other than reading The Comedians by Graham Greene. She works in New York now, in the Bronx, as a case worker dealing mostly with Haitian immigrants. Isn’t that both weird and wonderful?
  • Deciding to take a two-week vacation alone in Bora Bora one December on a sudden whim. Pressing enter on Expedia is so easy. Crazy, I know, but it was spectacular!

All of these reckless?  Yes, absolutely!  These (and others) were decidedly reckless decisions.

Potentially dangerous? No doubt about it.

Unprepared? To the hilt.

Could I afford them? That’s a trick question.

I may be trying to confess my sins by this admission, or perhaps I’m trying to brag about my fearlessness. In either case, I have come to appreciate, or at least live with, this aspect of myself. It’s something I was born with, that seizes me. Is it the devil on my shoulder “or the angel” whispering in my ear? “Just do it!” 

In either case, I’m always glad I did.

Where will you go this year? Which destination or activity will you cross off your bucket list? Jumping into the Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls? Rafting the Grand Canyon? Going up to the top of the Eiffel Tower? Finally standing next to Niagara Falls? Learning to swim in the nearby lake?

Don’t let this year pass you by without doing something new and challenging. Whether you’re loaded down with child care responsibilities, a full-time job that doesn’t pay what you’re worth, or up to your eyeballs in bills. You simply can’t afford not to do something that jump starts your soul.

 Find a way.

Power to the Journey

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2 thoughts on “Sheer Recklessness: An Underappreciated Trait

  1. I remember all those events in your life and have always admired your adventurous spirit! I will try and follow your advise and plan an adventure this year!. Your right, it’s good for the soul.

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